I want to band birds in Costa Rica

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I write to seek your assistance/advice.
I am a semi-retired biologist & educator who intends to retire to Costa Rica. My wife, Maureen, and I will be spending this winter (Nov. - Apr.) investigating retirement/land purchase possibilities.

Part of our retirement plan is to open a 'neotropical migrant monitoring station' where these birds would be censused and banded or participate in the running of such a station. I have a master banding
permit (CWS) and considerable experience with mist nets and banding. I ran M.A.P.S. stations for 4 years and collaborated with other researchers on the Fallingsnow Ecosystem Project (Forestry Chronicle 73:107-112) for
7 years where I investigated the effects of forestry practices on breeding songbirds: designed & executed data collection methods; hired,trained & supervised research assistants; analysed data collected,prepared & published reports and presented results at international conferences.

Any help or advice you can give with regards to such a 'neotropical migrant monitoring station' would be appreciated.

Do you have any such 'neotropical migrant monitoring stations' in operation in Costa Rica?
If so, are you looking for staff? If not, are you interested in collaborating?
How do I get a mist netting and banding permit for Costa Rica?
Where, in Costa Rica, does one find the greatest concentrations of 'neotropical migrants' (thrushes, flycatchers, vireos, warblers)?


John Woodcock

89 N. Cumberland St.
Thunder Bay, ON P7A 4M1
ph. 807-683-8448
email johntbaywoodcock@hotmail.com

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