Average height and weight of cultures

This research topic submitted by Tim on 4/14/01.

The average American black man is taller than any other racial group in America. The west Africans that were brought to America to be slaves were taller than whites to begin with. Then, once they were here, white people bred the tallest blacks the most so they would have taller offspring. The white slave owners wanted their slaves to be tall so they could be more useful when they did manual labor.
The average American man is 5'9 1/4". The average American white man is 5'10". I don't know how tall the average American black man is, but I would guess it is about 6'0". Asians are a short race. The average Japanese man is 5'5". The average Vietnamese man is 5'0". My dad was in the Vietnam War. He was 5'8" during the war (now he is 5'7"). He said that during the whole year he was in Vietnam, he never saw a single Vietnamese person that was taller than him. Chinese are a little bit taller than the other Asian groups.
Of white European cultures, north Europeans are tallest. Italians are the shortest.
Maybe some people thought I was Asian or Latino because I am only 5'1". I am white.

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