Draft 1: Standardized Voodoo: Biases in Educational Testing

This research topic submitted by Dan Mess (roman@muc.miamioh.edu) on 2/24/98.

In my poster presentation, and in my research project, I will be looking at the GRE and possibly the SAT as prime examples of unfair, biased tests that mismeasure intelligence/academic success and tend to privilege white, middle to upper class, males. My background text is Stephen Jay Gould's /The Mismeasure of Man/, particularly his sections on the acceptance of IQ testing in this country as an adequate and reliable index of one's true intelligence.

I predict that the SAT and GRE are biased because too much of the tests are based on cultural knowledge instead of measuring any sort of true aptitude. I hope to be looking at studies that show correlations between SAT and GRE scores and grades in higher education. I am also weighing the possibility of administering a survey on Western to see if SAT scores were a reliable predictive method for grade point average at Miami. I could also do a quantitative analysis of the research done and articles published ont his subject.

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