Draft 1, Chapter 9 presentation (Campbell)

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evolution vs. Creation

In our presentation, we will assume the class has read the articles handed out on the Monday before Wednesday's class. The articles will include information about the creation and Darwin theories. At the begining of class, we will introduce Darwin and his methods and findings in route to the formation of his theory of evolution. After our introduction, we will split the class into two teams representing each theory. Then the class will select two judges, and then rules (to be decided by Wed.) will be made to govern the debate.Then we will have a debate, a royal rumble of sorts. Each of the presenters will assume a role on either side and one as a judge. We will have three main points to discuss and allow 3-5 minutes for each. At the end of each of these periods, a winner will be decided (by the judges) and a win or a loss will be assessed to each team. At the end of the debate, by the amount of wins vs. losses a winner will be decided.(Note: the wins and losses, and winners or loosers will be decided souly on the quality of the debate, not what is necessarily right or wrong.) The "wins" each team has in the debate will earn them one piece candy, and the overall winners will earn the grand prize, 5 PIECES EACH. Finally, we will conclude and state the historical difficulty with this classic debate and attempt to explain the controversey surrounding this issue.

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