Ethenic differences

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I'm Hispanic - Puerto Rican. I truly belive our race/culture is more jealous than any other. It is in my culture that is you love something and it's yours (i.e. married) you defend it and protect it. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." It would be foolish of me to leave my porter house steak outside - not being attended to & where there are a bunch of hungry female dogs around. I believe you put a person in the same tempting situation & something is bound to happen. So in my house there are none of the following

No Going out with my friend of the opposite sex alone. (Reason If you wanted to spend time with another woman why did you get married and if it is so innocent why do you want to be alone?)

No Going to strip bars or strip parties
(Reason if you wanted to look at another woman naked why did you get married, as far as for bachelor parties to say farewell to bachelorhood that is a bunch of crock, why not do something that really represents bachelorhood like burn you old, dingy underwear full of holes or why not watch what you want on T.V. for the last time if you want to say good-bye to bachelorhood) GIVE ME A BREAK!!!

No going out to clubs without the other
(Reason if you only want to go dancing put some music at home call your buddies, get some beer, buy a strobe light - have a party)

No conversating in total privacy with my friend of the opposite sex.
(Reason why do you need total privacy - if what you talk about is suppose to be innocent)

It is not about insecurity I know that I am the best thing to happen to my husband. He will never find someone like me. And Hey if after all this prevention he chooses to be a FOOL, I KNOW I will find another mate and I will take him for everything he's got!! See an ounce of prevention is really worth a pound of cure. It's all about respect.

No we are not doomed, IF men & woman, mostly men learn to be very respectful. And married husbands don't forget that part of their vows where it says to honor & cherish... How honarable is it to have a another naked woman shake her stuff in your face or even fondling you. Lets get some morals here. Maybe if men would stop acting like dogs in heat then women might be able to trust them and maybe not be jealous - alot anyway. But in the spanish culture that is one way you show someone you love them & you do care if they leave. And in our culture it does co-exist with Love. Not to say that he can't talk to any woman it's just the situations above do spell trouble in the long run.

And women lets remember that men can only get away with what we let them get away with. And if all else fails what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

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