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Jealousy is as complex as a painting. The problem is, what painting? Each individual has extremly complex reasons. The first assesment that SHOULD be made is not from ONE person. It is inside the INDIVIDUAL relationship. Some jealousy is an issue of past trama some of present. To include models of old Apache society says as little as a 100 year old fart. Society is built AROUND human beings. Not the other way around. It is built to accomidate agreements. Inside of those "ageements" exists the individuals. To have ANY relevence you would have to read the dairy of an Apache woman and, her partners also. Some jealousy is based on what the other person is doing. Some is based on insecurities or past tramas. Some are a deadly mix of both. So you have to examine the whole. Not line up the scattered fragments to say what you like. Jealousy is part of the human condition. Like love and hate and fear and happyness. If you want to define how it can manifest, fine. But jealousy is really a word like painting. It doesn't have meaning until you delve into the individuals attached to it ( the content of the painting). Like art jealousy is different for each individual. Quit thowing around blank canvus and talking about brush strokes. Fill it in.

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