Role of Testestorone in polygamous and polyandrous relationships.

This research topic submitted by Ameer Jinha ( on 9/30/98.

Have you found and data that relates testosterone levels to polygamous relationships in monogamous societies. Would you say, men with high level of testosterone are more likely to have multiple relationships than man with lower levels of testosterone?

Secondly, have you found any data corelating management styles to testosterone. Now that women are also going for management, have found data to show that successful women supervisors demonstrate testosterone levels equivalent to their male counterparts.

I have always suspected that male timidity such as that exists is related to low levels of testosterone.

I am also interested to know if polyandrous behaviour amongst women in modern societies is related to testosterone levels.

Finaly, there are "backward" societies that are polygamous and I believe Margaret Mead has shown that there are polyandrous societies as well, though I do no know if any exist. Would you infer from your researches that societies that have instituted polygamy were ones that had greater proportions of men with high levels of testosterone and, similarly, in societies in which accidently women turned out to have higher levels of testosterone than men found themselves adopting polyandry and then as a result tended to become extinct, as this meant progressive reduction in population.

Finally, have you found a socialogical connection to polyandry and polygamy.

Any view welcome.


Ameer Jinha.

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