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This research topic submitted by Lynn Marker (markerlm@miavx1.miamioh.edu) on 3/18/98.

i think that your study sounds great. you are right, there are so many biases in the SAT tests and using these test to measure someone's aptitude and or intellegence can be devistating. not only are the tests racist, sexist etc. there are many cultral biases in the tests as well.

your research plans sound good, but you might want to extend your search to other universities if possible; looking at corelations between average test scores, demographic make up of the university and success rate in college and beyond.

also (i am sure you already know this but just making sure) look at the Robyn Dawes article in the SS reader. it might point you to some other interesting work on this topic (maybe even court cases through lexis or some other such source)
good luck
lynn marker

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