Little Ice Age on the Scottish/English Border

This Weather topic submitted by Jane B. Thomas ( on 12/8/98.

This is not intended to be a formal discussion. Actually, I am looking for a little help and information. I am Researching a family history project and would like to know how the Climate changes might have effected the lives of the people at that time. I have seen differing opinions on when these changes might have occurred. The area I am particularly interested in is between Yorkshire, England and Edinburgh, Scotland. One source says that from 1000-1200 the Climate became milder and by 1300s when the Climate became colder and wetter that much of the marginal farm land was no longer viable for farming. It strikes me as odd that the Climate changes and farming troubles seem to coincide with all the Border problems between these two countries. I am wondering if the raiding and pillaging were the cause or the effect or if they were two entirely unrelated occurrences.

From the point of view of Climate changes, I suppose it would be helpful to me to know if there was a particular date or time that these changes might have been noted - that is, was there a turning point from bad to worse?

I would be very interested in any comments or suggestions on where I might go to Research this further.
Thank you, Jane B. Thomas

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