New Big Ice Age soon 2 happen?

This Weather topic submitted by Hans-Olaf ( on 4/7/00.


(english isnt my Home Page lang!)
Ok, since ice ages happen because of a tempeture raise, will there be a new ice age soon?
They say that there are so called 'triggers' on this planet that will cause an ice age (greenland is such an trigger) when greenlands has no more ice that trigger is pushed and so there will be a reaction so that the temperature will drop and cause a little or big ice age so that greenland will get ice again.
Since we humans have done a good job with raising earths tempetures (bad spelling!) these triggers will be pressed soon. Already big pieces of the south and north pole brake lose (also a trigger!?), well all i can say: i enjoy this Weather what it's today but will that change sooon??
Anyone know more about this big event 2 happen?

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