Puny humans......

This Weather topic submitted by The Realist on 3/12/02.

I just would like to know who showed all these other puny humans, persons in the mean no bigger than myself that, even in groups of billions, that they could have more than a short term effect on the Earth.......the Climate goes in cycles, just as local Weather patterns within it do.....it was cold for a while, and now its heating up......eventually, CO2 and other "greenhouse" gasses aside, it will get cold again, and then everyone will forget all about these petty little theories of global warming being of human origin....or maybe a big rock flying through space will hit this ball we live on and send us back to a "Little Stone Age".....none of it can we control anyway.....puny humans, wasting reSources on this kinda crap when we could be spending the money on things that matter now and for our forseeable future, like roads, museums, schools, medecines, literature, agriculture to feed the warm Weather population boom.....Puny humans....and arrogant!

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