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R. Hays Cummins

Interdisciplinary Studies , Miami University

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Weather Sites (Text Only)-Table of Contents

Here is a collection of the weather links I visit on a daily basis, some more than others depending upon the weather situation and time of year. I use these sites in my teaching and to fulfill my insatiable appetite for the weather. There are a wide variety of sources ranging from the best weather machines to regional weather, FAX, radar, single frame satellite imagery, computer model forecasts, hurricanes, typhoons, MPEG movies (visible, infrared & water vapor) and buoy data from the Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf of Mexico. Just what did weather fanatics do for fun before the invention of the internet?

Ohio Regional Weather (Text Observations, Forecasts and Summaries)

Weather Machines

  • Ohio State Weather Gopher (The whole roster of weather offerings from OSU)
  • National Weather text synopsis & forecasts
  • Tropical Weather Information
  • Purdue Weather Processor (An excellent weather source I rely on daily)
  • Texas A&M Meteorology Weather Center (These Aggies are terrific!)
  • Other Excellent Weather Machines (Commercial, government & university sources)
  • NOAA Netcast (Weather forecasts throughout the US and Canada)
  • Maps (Surface, Radar, Upper Level, etc.)

    Severe Weather (Ohio State and Others:Tornadoes, Thunderstorms, Weather Watches)

    Satellite Imagery

    MPEG Satellite Movies (IR, VIS, & Water Vapor)

    Satellite Single Frame Images (IR, Vis & Water Vapor)

    Computer Models (NGM, ETA, Aviation, MRF)

    Hurricanes (National Hurricane Center, Satellite Imagery, Forecasts, Reconnaissance, Computer models)

    Miscellaneous Weather Data and Phenomena

  • Buoy Data (Gulf of Mexico/Atlantic/Pacific/Bahamas)
  • Temperature & Pressure Conversion Chart
  • Earth Science Resources- Geology, Astronomy, Ecology & Oceanography

    Weather Sites

    SuperTyphoon Angela--November, 1995

    Ohio State Weather Gopher A complete, compact, efficient weather machine--it is one of my favorite weather sites.

    National Centers for Environmental Prediction Products (Read What the Pros Have to Say!!)

    Ohio & Regional Weather (Text Observations for our Local Area)

    Tropical Forecasts and Observations

    Ohio State Satellite Graphics-The Complete NAVIGATION

    Severe Weather Links (Tornadoes, Thunderstorms, Weather Watches)

    Don't forget other Weather Machines , Computer Models and the Weather Channel for further info on severe weather!

    NOAA Storm Prediction Center (A comprehensive site--A must visit in the spring time!)


    Day 1-NOAA Convective Outlook Discussion

    Other Sources of Severe Weather Info


    Day 2-NOAA Convective Outlook Discussion

    Ohio State University



    Texas A&M University

    Ohio State Weather Graphics (Models, Surface Charts, Imagery, Forecasts)

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    Gulf of Mexico/Atlantic/Pacific Marine Forecasts

    Bahamas Marine Forecast

    Texas A&M Select Maps, Imagery & Other Info

    Surface Composite Maps

    FAX Charts

    FAX charts are remarkable in their clarity and diversity and make up the Bulk of the Western "Weather Wall" here at Miami University. While many weather machines provide more colorful maps & charts, FAX charts are Excellent for Display, Especially When Using Black & White Printing. These charts are in TIFF format and can be easily opened with Graphic Converter . Most of the charts need to be rotated 90, 180, or 270 degrees for Viewing! If you need information on reading surface charts, go Here .

    NWS Field Office FAX: (The Whole Roster of Maps Used on our Weather Wall )

    Other FAX Charts by Geographic Regions:

    | Alaska | Eastern Pacific | Gulf of Mexico | Atlantic Ocean | Foreign Sources |

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    Satellite Movies

    ( Click Here for Real-Time Satellite Movies Already Downloaded on Another Page)

    Continental 48 & Atlantic (GOES 8)

    Infrared Satellite Imagery

    Water Vapor Satellite Imagery

    Look for subtle moisture feeds, eddies, dry slots, large upper level low pressure systems, troughs, jet streaks, and short waves

    Visible Satellite Imagery

    East Pacific & West Coast (GOES 10)

    Infrared Satellite Imagery

    Water Vapor Imagery


    West Pacific (GMS-5)



    Water Vapor

    Africa & Europe (METEOSTAT)

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    The World Montage

    The Weather Channel Sat Loops

    General Thoughts: The Weather Channel provides an array of satellite movies that can't be found anywhere else on the web. Besides being so geographically diverse, the movies provide very impressive visual contrast with blue oceans, brown landscapes and white clouds. The sat loops are animated gifs.

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    Satellite Sites (Single Frame Pictures)

    NOAA Satellite Sites--These guys do it right!

  • GOES Server Home Page (It All Starts Here)
  • GOES 8 US Sector
  • GOES 10 Sector
  • GOES 8/9 Composite Sector
  • GOES 8 HURRICANE TRACKING SECTORS Terrific Resource during Tropical Season
  • GOES 8 Hurricane SECTOR IR Image with Long and Lat
  • IR MPEG Movie
  • GOES 8 Hurricane SECTOR Visible Image with Long and Lat
  • VIS MPEG Movie
  • GOES 9 Hurricane Sector (Latest images for East Pacific Storms!)
  • Latest Visible
  • Latest IR
  • Latest Water Vapor
  • Archives (Parent Directory)
  • NOAA GOES 8 Hurricane Sector Water Vapor MPEG Movie
  • GOES CONUS (A Potporrii of American imagery. Check this Out!)
  • GOES Hot Stuff: (For the latest & greatest unusual images!)
  • GOES Server Home Page (It All Starts Here)
  • GOES 8 US Sector
  • GOES 10 Sector
  • GOES 8/9 Composite Sector
  • GOES 8 HURRICANE TRACKING SECTORS Terrific Resource during Tropical Season
  • GOES 8 Hurricane SECTOR IR Image with Long and Lat
  • IR MPEG Movie
  • GOES 8 Hurricane SECTOR Visible Image with Long and Lat
  • VIS MPEG Movie
  • GOES 8 Hurricane SECTOR Water Vapor Image with Long and Lat
  • Water Vapor MPEG Movie
  • Univ of Wisconsin (Known for their Hi-Res Imagery and Tropical Imagery))

  • Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies (Great "Jump-Off" point)
  • Wisconsin High Resolution Visible (GOES 8)
  • Wisconsin High Resolution IR (GOES 8)
  • Wisconsin Water Vapor (GOES 8)
  • Tropical Cyclone Page (Univ of Wisconsin-Lots of Great Images & Movies)
  • Infrared Movie (Last 60 hours)
  • Univ of Washington (Excellent imagery over a wide range of longitudes)

    GOES 8 (Wide coverage across N. America into the Atlantic)

    GOES 10 (West coast, central & east Pacific)

    University of Hawaii

    Purdue Satellite Selections (An Excellent All Purpose Site!)

  • US Surface Map/VIS-Infrared Composite
  • Eastern US Infrared
  • Eastern US Enhanced IR
  • Purdue Midwest Regional Satellite Views

  • Ohio/Indiana Infrared View
  • Ohio/Indiana Enhanced Infrared View
  • Midwest & Northeast Enhanced Sat View (The Weather Channel)
  • Florida Explores Excellent Hi-Resolution Imagery

    The Weather Channel- An impressive collection of of low resolution images, many from unique locations around the world. Not so good for printing, but great for viewing because of the pleasant contrast between the ocean, land, and enhanced cloud tops.


    Miscellaneous Fine Satellite Sources

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    Weather Radar Sites

    Index of Regional Radars (Compliments of WSI)

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    Computer Models

    Computer Model Forecasts (COLA) (Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies)

  • Medium Range Forecast (Complete Roster-Up to 6 days Out 1 Day at a Time)
  • 144 Hour 500 mb Heights & Vorticity
  • All Times (500 mb Height & Vorticity)
  • 144 Hour Sea-Level Pressure & Thickness
  • All Times (Sea Level Pressure & Thickness)
  • 700 mb Vertical Velocity & Precip (All times)
  • Precipitable Water & Total Totals (All times)
  • 120 Hour Precipitable Water & Total Totals
  • Map Key
  • Aviation Model (Complete Roster-72 Hours)
  • 72 Hour 500 mb Heights & Vorticity
  • 72 Hour Sea level Pressure & Thickness
  • Precipitable Water & Total Totals (All times)
  • 72 Hour Precipitable Water & Total Totals
  • 700 mb Vertical Velocity & Precip (All times)
  • ETA Model (Complete Roster-48 Hours)
  • 48 Hour 500 mb Heights & Vorticity
  • 48 Hour Sea-Level Pressure & Thickness
  • Precipitable Water & Potential Energy (All times)
  • 48 Hour Precipitable Water & Potential Energy
  • 700 mb Vertical Velocity & Precip (All times)
  • Map Key
  • Rapid Cycle Updates By Region (Rapid Cycle Updates every 3 hours)
  • KEY & Information to Maps
  • Central US (Maps at 3-hour intervals-Temp., Pressure, & Precip)
  • Regional Analysis Prediction Branch (Info about new experimental maps & predictions)
  • Maps by region & type (An amazing variety of weather info updated every three hours)
  • COLA Extended Forecasts

  • 10 day Extended Forecast Temperature Graphics
  • 10 Day Extended Forecast Precipitation
  • 3 Month Lead Prediction Graphics
  • Climate Prediction Products
  • Purdue Weather Processor (A Very Organized Presentation of Model Info)

      Quick Menu Nested Grid Medium Range   ETA Global Aviation
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    Other Excellent Weather Machines

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    Hurricanes and Tropical Weather

    Barograph Tracing, Hurricane Hugo, September 1989, St. Croix. Each main vertical interval (west-east) represents six hours--the pressure is in millibars. As Hugo bore down on the island, colleagues did not think they would survive the night! The next morning, some described the scene as what they would expect to see after a nuclear war. There was not a leaf left on standing trees!

    My Favorite Sources of Tropical Information

    Reconnaissance Information

    Buoy Information Gulf of Mexico/Atlantic/Pacific Marine Forecasts

    Bahamas Marine Forecast

    Spectacular Movies and Images from Previous Years

    Dr. Gray's Famous Long-Range Hurricane Forecasting Prediction

    Predictive Forecasting Tools, Wind Shear Maps & Sea Surface Temperatures

    A Convenient Temperature & Pressure Conversion Chart (From the Alaska Weather Calendar, Willawaw Publishing Co., 1-800-490-4950)

    Weather & Climate Queries!

    Search a Huge Database of links to weather sites around the world!

    Enter some key words to search by:

    Find pages with of these words and return results.

    Detailed Results Search Phonetically Begins With Searching 

    Search for key words found only in: URLs Titles Header

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