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golden-crowned chlorophonia
Photo by Dr. Hays Cummins
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Golden-Browed Chlorophonia
Chlorophonia callophrys

Size: 5" (13 cm); 25 g.

Diet: Fruits of mistletoes, berries of various epiphytes, and figs. Also eats insects and spiders; hunts by leaning forward to peek under leaves and branches.

Voice: Series of clear but melancholy and disconnected whistles. Sometimes sounds like unoiled hinges.

Status: Common mountain resident, on both Pacific and Caribbean slopes, but only at relatively high elevations (above 3,000 ft). May venture lower in the wet season when food is scarce in the mountains.

Cool Fact: Nests are holes in mosses and other epiphytes, found high up (35-100 ft) on trees in mountain forest clearings. At least three eggs per brood. Regurgitates food to feed young.

Source: (Stiles et al 416)