Grade 2 Ocean Unit Outline Draft #1

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Hurricane Erika, despite strong westerlies just to her west, gets her act together. Note the dense central overcast and the well developed, compact eye.View an MPG Movie of her intensification!

Tropical Field Courses -Western Program-Miami University

Ocean Unit - Grade 2
Debbie Glass

Welcome to the Ocean
1. Introduce the oceans, provide background information
-Find and label the oceans on a map
-Paper plate activity showing the approximate size of the oceans
2. Salt Water Activities
-Experiment 1: How do we know that the ocean contains salt?
-Experiment 2: Egg in salt water vs. fresh water
-Create a VENN diagram comparing salt water to fresh water

Beaches and Coastlines
1. Beach Bucket Scavenger Hunt: Students explore beach debris and sand
2. Drawing Organisms and Habitats: Students will draw animals found on the beach or near the coast and draw the habitat you would find them in.
3. Coral Reef Background Information
-create pop-up coral reef
-color the coral reef

Animals in the Ocean
1. Alien Adventure: Students explore the variety of animals found in the ocean while listening to a story.
2. Students will create a pull through window showing the different layers in the ocean and the animals that reside there.
3. Students will compare the sizes of many sea creatures.
4. Students will label a fish.
5. Webs and Chains
-Introduce sea food chain and pyramid and discuss.
-Students will create a food web using index cards and yarn
6. Adaptations
-Camouflage Game: Students will try to find fish throughout the room that may blend in to the surroundings.
-discuss shape and coloration
-complete the Undersea Hide and Seek worksheets

People and the Ocean
1. Discuss uses of the ocean to people. Make a chart.
2. Ocean in a Bottle: Students will explore what items mix with water and which would be considered pollution.

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