Anthropogenic Effects on Status of Trichechus manatus latirostis

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The Florida Manatee: Anthropogenic effects on status of Trichechus manatus latirostris
My first and only sight of a Florida Manatee was in the Sarasota/Venice Aquarium three years ago. Second to Everglades I think that the manatee was the most mentioned word when my clients would talk about Florida. I did some research on this gentle giant and found that it was one of the endangered species in the US.
The Florida manatee is a mammal that has such a specific niche in the marine ecostem. Having just recovered from a close brush with extinction, it is now facing one of the deadliest enemies in the water; Florida’s ever increasing number of boats. Ecotourism has also been blamed for stress and injuries that threatens this gentle giant.
1.What is a Manatee?
2.Where are they found?
3.What is the status of the Florida manatee?
4.What are the problems that face the survival and sustainability of the manatee?
5.What is being done to address the problems?
6.What is the future of the Florida manatee?
7.What can we all to save the manatees?

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Florida Marine ResearchInstitute

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