Comparative Analysis of Ancient and Modern Carbonate Deposition

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A sobering view of a Two-toed Sloth as it makes its way along utility lines on our way to Monteverde Preserve. This is what can happen to animals faced with disappearing habitat.

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The Delaware Basin of New Mexico and Texas is one of the most studied ancient shallow marine carbonate environments. In order to understand the types of sedimentary processes that occur in this ancient setting, parallels can be drawn from observing the modern carbonate depositional environment of the Bahama Bank.

I. Introduction: What Similarities are there in the structure and settings of the Delaware Basin of New Mexico and the Modern Bahama Bank?

II. Stratigrafic Problems and Resemblances
A. Location
B. Preservation Potential
C. Lack of Clastic Imput
D. Shallow Marine Environments

III. Tectonic Controls
A. Closing Intracratonic Basin
B. Tong of the Ocean

IV. Striking Similarities
A. Climates
B. Reef Structures and Slopes
C. Turbidites and Debris Flows
D. Ooids
E. Beach Rock and Pisolites

V. Conclusion: How do these similarities and differences help reconstruct environments of deposition?

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