Is Tidal Energy a Possibility for the Future?

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Tidal energy is a relatively new topic in the discussion of alternative fuel sources; I hope to teach the class more about how tidal energy is made. Along with discussing how the energy is made, I want to discuss how feasible tidal energy is and whether or not it could be a possibility for the United States to invest. Tidal energy has its pros and cons, which I will demonstrate to the class; as well as tidal energy’s environmental impacts.

Alternative fuel technology will become a growing field throughout our future unless something is done in terms of the United States ability to use energy. Fossil Fuels are a non-renewable resource, and will diminish with time; so new alternatives must be made. Hopefully a combination of alternative fuel sources will be able to meet out nation and the world’s need for energy.

Title Tidal Energy

I. Introduction
II. How is tidal energy made?
III. Is tidal energy feasible for a new source of energy?
A. Energy Output
B. Economics
IV. What are the environmental impacts of using tidal energy?
V. What are the overall pro’s and con’s of tidal energy?
VI. Conclusion on whether or not tidal energy would be a good source of alternative energy for the United States to focus.


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