Loggerhead Sea Turtles outline

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Students take a "coral quiz", San Salvador, Bahamas.

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Eric Nagy
Topical Ecosystem Ecology
March 2004

Outline: The Loggerhead Sea Turtle


The loggerhead sea turtle is the most studied of the seven sea turtle species. Although the knoledge on it is limited, it is an interesting animal. I look forward to catching a glimse of one in the bahamas. So I hope to teach the class about tutle habitat, range, and basic knoledge. Also, I hope to look at how humans influence the turtle.


I. Background
A. Size
i. adult
ii. juvinle
B. Diet
C. Life habits
i. nesting
ii. open ocean
D. Mating habits
i. males
ii. females

II. Range
A. Tracking studies
i. adult
ii. juvinile
B. Migration
i. altantic
ii. pacific
iii. other places

III. Habitat
A. Nesting
i. Location
ii. type
iii. variation
B. Ocean
i. Location
ii. type
iii. variation

IV. Predators
A. Main Predators
B. Risk of sea turtles
i. location
ii. time of year
C. Habitat influence

V. Human Influences
A. Nesting habitat
B. Ocean habitat
C. Hunting
D. Fishing nets

VI. Conclusions
A. Summary
B. Important findings
C. Need for Protection
D. Future of Turtles


Addison, D. S., J. A. Gore, J. Ryder, and K. Worley. 2002. “Tracking post-nesting
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Broward County Flordia. Biological Resources Devision. 29 March 2004.

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escape ability, and habitat use of green and loggerhead turtles.” Marine Biology. 140: 229-236.

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Witherington, B. E. 2002. “Ecology of neonate loggerhead turtles inhabiting lines of
downwelling near a Gulf Stream front.” Marine Biology. 140: 843-853.

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