Sea Turtle Conservation: Costa Rica and Abroad

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The Environmental Science Graduate Students at Watlings Castle, San Salvador, Bahamas.(TME 98)

Tropical Field Courses -Western Program-Miami University

Sea Turtle Conservation: Costa Rica and Abroad

Sea turtle populations across the globe continue to dwindle in the face of an abundance of problems. This discussion will give a brief overview of the biology of sea turtles and follow with a synopsis of the efforts and research that are going on globally top help protect and enhance these populations. Efforts in Costa Rica will be especially highlighted in order to show the relevance to this trip.

I. Introduction
A. Development
B. Nesting behavior
C. Behavior of young
D. Adult behavior
E. Migration and distribution

III. Global difficulties for sea turtle populations
A. Fishing by-catch
B. Nesting site disturbance
C. Poaching of nests
D. Human induced pollution
E. Natural predation

IV. Efforts in conservation and research
A. Current research
a. Radio telemetry
b. Migratory patterns
c. Mark-recapture/Tagging
d. Egg counts/Adult and Young encounters

B. Conservation of nesting sites
a. Protecting beaches
b. Efforts to stop poaching
c. State and National laws
d. Establishment of reserves

C. Conservation and research in Costa Rica
a. Caribbean Conservation Corporation
b. Tortuguero
c. The Green Turtle Project
d. The Leatherback Project
e. Local efforts/beach patrols

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A bunch of research articles authored and co-authored by Scott Eckert

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- Also 2000-2003.

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Turtle Trax.

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