Final Outline Draft: History of the Bahamas(sorry that last one was incomplete)

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This outline is more focused on the history of the Natives of the Bahamas. The people that inhabit this islands are an important part of the experience, even though the main focus of class is the reef systems surrounding the island of San Salvador. Knowing the past can be helpfully to seeing things of today.
I. Introduction: a brief overview of the Bahamas

II. Prehistoric peoples of the islands
A. Lucayans
B. Tainos

III. The question of Columbus's landfall

IV. Interactions/encounters with people from the "Old World"
A. Dutch
B. Spanish
C. English

V. The Culture

Sorry I know were due awhile ago but I changed my topic a little bit to focus on the history because I sounded like I was making assumptions of the people which I did not intend to do. So I thought the way to solve that was to focus on the history.


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