Florida shark species and the human influence (Outline Draft #1)

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My topic involves the shark populations within Florida waters and the role humans play on their lifestyles. I will concentrate on the fishing industry, commercial and sport, as well as the misconceptions that stem from local and international attacks. Conservation will be a key aspect and I will give details on the past, present, and future paths taken to conserve the shark species of this area. I feel that sharks play and important role in the Florida ecosystem and need to be protected in order to maintain the balance. As human/shark interactions grow this increases the risk of shark population destruction. This topic could help us understand the ecological damage that humans pose on these specific systems as we begin our course in the Florida area.


I. Intro

II. Common Shark Species
A. Blacktip
B. Sandbar
C. Nurse
D. Lemon
E. Hammerhead

III. Human Interactions
A. Commercial Fishing
i) the business
ii) the effects
B. Attacks
i) misconceptions
ii) statistics
iii) prevention

IV. Conservation
A. Threatened/Endangered Species
B. Population Trends
C. What can be done

V. Conclusion


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