History of the Bahamas, Outline Final

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This outline is about the history of the Bahamas. This is important because it tells one how it became the society it is today. Also it is interesting to note since Columbus Day is a “holiday”, that the island of San Salvador is thought to be his first landfall. (I decided to focus my research paper more on the history because the last outline sounded like I was making assumptions in which I did not intend to do. Also I am sorry this is extremely late.)

I. Introduction: a brief description of the Bahama Islands

II. Initial settlement/colonization
A. Lucayans/Tainos
1. Description/Definition
2. Culture
B. Archaeological Evidence; Explanation of pottery series to show migration waves of
settlement from Cuba, Haiti and other islands.

III. Landfall of Columbus and Spanish influence
A. Evidence
B. Criticisms

IV. Influences of Europeans
A. Mention of Spanish and Dutch
B. English
1. Watlings
2. Sayle and Eleuthera Adventurers
C. Effects of the newly established US

V. Bahamas Today
A. Economy
B. Cultural Aspects
C. Worldly Notable Figures


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