Invasive Herpetofauna of the Everglades and South Florida

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Melissa and friends walk the streets of Bocas, Panama.

Tropical Field Courses -Western Program-Miami University

A. Define introduce/invasive species
B. Introduce examples of invasives w/original home ranges
1. Cuban Tree Frog
2. Burmese Pythons
3. Tropical House Geko
a. 14 species of gecko can be found in Florida. Only one of these, the Florida Reef Gecko, is native; all others are introduced. Most gecko species exist only in small ranges -- usually around Miami or Tampa.
4. Northern Curly Tailed Lizard
5. Red-headed Agama
6. Brown Basilisk
7. Green Iguana
8. Knight Anole
9. Brown Anole
10. Bark Anole
11. Nile Monitor Lizards
12. Brahminy blind snake
13. Specticaled Caimen
14. Greenhouse Frog
15. Marine Toads
16. Coqui
17. Javan filesnake
II Cuban Tree Frog
A. Origins
1. Cuba
2. Stow-aways in shipping
B. Destructive Habits
1. Eat other frogs
2. Cause power outages and water problems
3. Out-compete other frogs
III. Burmese Pythons
A. Origins
1. Pet Trade
2. Released by owners when too big
B. Destructive Habits
1. Eat native species
2. Out-competeing native species
3. Threat to human lives
IV. Nile Monitor Lizards
A. Origins
1. Unknown
2. Possibly pet trade or seller wishing to establish a local population to harvest
B. Destructive habits
1. Outcompeting burrowing animals for habitats (stealing)
2. Threaten lives of native species and potentially humans
V. Are all invasive species bad?
A. Example of gobiÕs in Lake Erie being primary prey item for Lake Erie Water Snakes
VI. Conclusion


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