Sex on Islands

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Miami has 100s of acres of beautiful Natural Areas which lend themselves to research projects! (Quicktime movie~4 mb). On the same walk, I spotted my first garter snake of the spring! In another 1 mb quicktime movie, a pair of mallard ducks lands in Harkers Run in Bachelor Woods

Tropical Field Courses -Western Program-Miami University

Or rather, the Origins of Sexual Dimorphism and Evolutionary Paradox on Sexual Competition

This fits well with island ecology, as evolutionary patterns can be best seen and exemplified in marine ecosystems and migration from island to island (Founder Effect). There are also seemingly contradictatory observations in such cases that seem to be exceptions (or are they?) to the rules governing evolution.

Intro: Evolution defined
-Mendelian Genetics (brief)

Island Geography
-Sandy beaches
-Sea Grass

Sexual Dimorphism in Marine Species
-Asexual vs. Sexual Reproduction (brief)
-Parental Investment
-Male vs. Male (intrasexual)
-Selection of traits that may/may not increase fitness
-Male vs. Female (intersexual)
-Selection of traits that may/may not increase
-Female Choice.
-Why not optimal traits chosen?

-Sexual Ratios
-Reproduction Rates vs. Mortality Rates
-Red Queen Hypothesis
-"Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do to keep in the same place."
-Evolutionary "Cold War"

-Adaptation, not perfection.
-Sexual competition paradox
-Red Queen paradox
-Traits increase LRS: trade-off

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