The Florida Red Tide and it's Impact on SW Florida

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The Florida Red Tide and its Impact on SW Florida

3.Sources of blooms
a. Dinoflagellates (Karenia brevis)
d.Nutrient upwelling
a.To marine organisms
b.To humans
5.Impact on Southwest Florida
6.Unanswered questions
a.Transport mechanisms
b.When are toxins released
c.What causes final “die off” of bloom

Since the first recorded Florida red tide outbreak in 1844, this very dangerous and harmful algae bloom has been studied by scientists. Amazingly, there is still much to learn about the dynamics of this devastating phenomenon. Over the last century red tide blooms have affected almost every county along Florida’s Gulf Coast along with the Florida Keys and some coastal counties along the Atlantic. With blooms ranging from several months to sometimes over a year, scientists are working to develop a complete understanding of the physical, chemical and biological parameters that lead to red tide's formation and persistence. It has shown to be a very versatile algae, making it able to infest both saltwater as well as freshwater rivers and estuaries. This paper will focus on the causes, effects, and management issues the Florida red tide brings to the affected areas, along with the remaining questions scientists still have regarding the harmful algae bloom.


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