Tourism in the Caribbean: An Environmental Concern (draft#1)

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Divers chase a sea turtle at the wall break, 12 m deep, San Salvador, Bahamas.

Tropical Field Courses -Western Program-Miami University

My topic is tourism in the caribbean. It is EXTREMELY important because it focuses on a broad topic that is currently a problem that continues to be exacerbated. I plan to teach the class about the types of tourism and the effects each type has on the caribbean environment. I will show examples of hotels, cruise ships, etc. that have been held legally responsible for damage to the caribbean ecosystems. I will discuss things such as water depletion, invasive species, inorganic pollution, etc. Last, I will discuss what efforts are being made internationally and nationally to stem the wave of pollution, invasive species, etc. that comes from tourism.

I. Introduction - Tourism to the Caribbean
A. How much occurs?
B. What kinds of tourism are there?
C. Development of tourism in Jamaica

II. Impacts of Tourism on Local Communities
A. Overnight Tourism
1. Wate Scarcity (hotels fined in Jamaica...)
2. Commercialism in countries
3. the Negril example
B. Plan of Action
1. CAFST group
2. Barbados on water scarcity

III. Alien Species
A. Forms of invasive organisms
B. The mongoose example

IV. Cruise Ship Pollution
A. Forms and Amounts of Pollution
1. Why pollute?
2. Physical pollution and amount
3. Toxins

V. Cruise Company Litigation
A. Suit against Princess Cruises
B. Norwegian cruise ship fined
C. Royal Caribbean fined

VI. Remedy for the cruise ship problem
A. Current cruise ship regulations and protections
1. Regulating organization
2. Recyclable materials
B. Caribbean governments
C. A model for eco-development

VII. Conclusion

I will post sources on here when I get 7, right now I only have 5. (I assume you can access your outline after posting it??)

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