The Importance of Corals and Coral Reefs (Above and Below the Ocean)

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James returns from a wonderful SCUBA on Gaulin Reef in Grahams Harbor, San Salvador, Bahamas. See other beautiful phenomena from the Bahamas.

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In my research paper IÕm going to talk about the importance of corals and coral reefs to our ecosystems above and below the ocean. There are many reasons why the earth needs corals and coral reefs because many living organisms including humans depend on them every day. Corals and coral reefs in general have a thriving ecosystem in themselves that is very important to the survival of many under water life forms that all play a special role in the survival of life for themselves and the coral reefs. I feel that we need to address this topic because while we are all learning about this wonderful organism and it's different attributes. We also need to understand why coral and coral reefs are important to the earth, oceans, ecosystems, and the living organisms that depend on them above and below the ocean on a daily basis. If we do not understand the importance that these corals and coral reefs are having on our daily lives and the environment around us, then we will not try to take the precautions in order to keep this fascinating organism around for the future.

The Importance of Corals and Coral Reefs (Above and Below the Ocean)

I. Where they live and how they live:
¥ Geographical Locations
¥ Habitat
¥ Structure of coral and coral reefs

II. Contributions to the EarthÕs atmosphere:
¥ Removing and Recycling carbon dioxide
¥ Climate Change

III. Coral Reef Ecosystem:
¥ Types of Corals
¥ Diverse Collection of Organisms
¥ System of Survival

IV. Reef Shelter:
¥ Underwater Organisms
¥ Storm and Flood Relief

V. Contributions to future science and potential medicines:
¥ Anti-cancer drugs
¥ Bone Substitute

VI. Provides resources for human consumption/activities:
¥ Fisheries
¥ Tourism

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