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Geology, Oceanography, Astronomy & Ecology

Paleo-, Climate and Global Change
Earth-, Astro- and Zoo Related
Marine Oriented

Trop Ecosystem Courses

Main Street Weather (Weather Home Base!!)

Here is a collection of the weather links I visit on a daily basis, some more than others depending upon the weather situation and time of year. I use these sites in my teaching and to fulfill my insatiable appetite for the weather. There are a wide variety of sources ranging from the best weather machines to regional weather, FAX, radar, single frame satellite imagery, computer model forecasts, hurricanes, typhoons, MPEG movies (visible, infrared & water vapor) and buoy data from the Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf of Mexico. Just what did weather fanatics do for fun before the invention of the internet?

Main Street Weather (Weather Home Base!!)

"Text Only" Link

of the same weather sites. Not as interesting, but download time is much quicker!

Radar and Severe Weather

Get the latest predictions on severe weather

Just the Maps & Views!

While far from complete, these downloaded views provide for a satisfying overview of North American Weather.

Satellite Links

A complete text listing of satellite images and movies.

Hurricanes & Tropical Weather

It's all Here!

Satellite Downloads and Other Maps

Real-time satellite movies automatically downloaded

Numerical Models and Forecasting Page Midwest Weather!

Here is a separate page with Midwest weather highlights.

Start WebElementsThe Periodic Table on the WWW!

PaleoClimate and Greenhouse Warming

Here are a few very good sources for climate change.

This plot was generated from data downloaded from NOAA

The Tragedy of the Commons

Skeptics Corner Makes for interesting perspectives I hadn't thought about till recently

Long-Range Forecasts of Global Phenomena: Global Change and El Nino

This plot was generated from data downloaded from NOAA

El Nino

Paleontology Sources

Bacteria, corals-every living thing- share a common DNA heritage.


Impact Craters

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Volcanoes & Other Geologic Resources

A GOES satellite MPG loop of the Mt. St. Helens eruption!

Get the latest world-wide information on volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and other research.

USGS National Earthquake Center

USGS Latest California EQuakes USGS E. Hemisphere Seismicity
USGS Recent S.F. Area Quakes USGS W. Hemisphere Seismicity
USGS Recent Hawaii Quakes USGS Continental US weekly report
USGSEurope Seismicity USGS Central & South America Seismicity
USGS Africa Seismicity USGSWorld Report

Get the USGS Latest Earthquake "Hot list."

The World Data Center System All sorts of "Earth Related Data"

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Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies

A few good jump-off points for Oceanographic Info:

Sea Turtle Conservation Efforts

Scientists currently recognize eight living species of sea turtles grouped into six genera.
Caretta caretta
Chelonia mydas
Green Turtle
Eretmochelys imbricata
Lepidochelys kempii
Kemp's Ridley
Chelonia agassizi
Black Turtle
Dermochelys coriacea
Lepidochelys olivacea
Olive Ridley
Natador depressus
Australian Flatback

Marine Mammal Tracking

Coral Reefs

Tarantulas Now Has It's Own PAGE. Please Stop By!

Other Tarantula Links
  • The Amercian Tarantula Society The largest Arachnid Society of the World.
  • Tarantula Planet
  • The Arachnological Hub of the World Wide Web
  • Trav's Tarantula Page This 10 year old has put together an informative web page on tarantulas.
  • Phong's Tarantula WWW Pages I love this site. Amazing descriptiuons, details and pictures of over 50 tarantulas.
  • DiddyBo's Tarantula pages
  •'s Home page An amazing collection of info from resources to discussion forums.
  • GIANT Although focusing mainly on tarantulas, this site also offers an insight into the araneomorphs or 'true spiders' such as the wandering, huntsman, orb-web and wolf spiders.
  • The Tarantula Burrow A Tarantula Mega-Site. Includes a searchable database, photos, taxonomy and species specific care sheets!
  • Rick West's Tarantula Photo Gallery with the correct taxonomy of each featured spider.
  • Troll Quality Tarantulas
  • Minax TarantulasA full-featured site devoted to tarantuals. Lots of essential information, care descriptions, and species specific information. A Must visit!
  • Jordan's Arachnid Page
  • Dan the Man's Tarantula Page Suppliers
  • Arachnocentric: #1 in Fine Arachnids
  • Glades Herp Inc.: Suppliers of fine quality reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates to the collectors, breeders, zoos and educators of the world.
  • Pet Center USA An amazing resource and source of spiders at reasonable prices.
  • West Coast ZOO,com

    Marshes & Coastal Environments

    Visit the Hurricane and Tropical Weather Page

    Ecology and More Global Change

    Monarch Watch (Wonderful site on monarch biology)

    A view from my backyard one August evening!

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    Maps and Map Makers

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    BIOSIS -Publisher of Biological Abstracts and Zoological Record

    Publisher Earth Science Resources

    Astronomy Sites Now Has It's Own PAGE. Please Stop By!

    On March 27, 1997 Comet Hale-Bopp passed almost in front of the Andromeda Galaxy, shown on the lower left. From the Astronomy Picture of the Day. Each day, a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.

    Global Climate Change Research Submissions 2002 Check out the Global Climate Change 2002 Syllabus

    Global Climate Change Research Submissions:

    Final Research Project Submissions 2002

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