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This image from NASA's Panaroma Page.

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Weather Sites (Maps, Forecasts, Satellite Imagery, Satellite Movies, Hurricanes, Severe Weather, Computer Models, Radar, etc)

Visit the Radar and Severe Weather Site

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Here are a few very good sources for climate change.

NOAA PaleoClimatology & Other Sources

Pollen & Tree Rings- Windows to the Past

NOAA Paleoclimatology Program-International Ice Core Data Cooperative-Current Data Holdings

GreenHouse Warming & Climate Change

A GOES satellite MPG loop of the Mt. St. Helens eruption!

This plot was generated from data downloaded from NOAA

The Tragedy of the Commons

Skeptics Corner Makes for interesting perspectives I hadn't thought about till recently

National Atmospheric Deposition Program

The 1996 pH of Rainfall in the United States. (Click on the Map for a Larger View)

The 1996 Rainfall in the continental US. Are there any surprises? (Click on the Map for a Larger View)

Long-Range Forecasts of Global Phenomena: Global Change and El Nino

This plot was generated from data downloaded from NOAA

El Nino

Weather Underground

From The Weather Underground If anything is going on, check out the Hurricane Page

El Nino and La Nina Quicktime Gallery--Some of the latest movies

For more info, visit the NOAA La Nina Home Page and Current El Nino / La Nina Related Climate Predictions and Forecasts.

A Graphical Comparison of El Ninos during this century. Was El Nino '97-'98 the largest?

[Purdue Weather Processor]

Books, Articles, Journals, Library Resources

The world's largest bookstore!

The Library of Congress

The Current Issue of Scientific American

Science Magazine

Other Library Resources

Miami Link

Ohio Link Electronic Journals--Amazing Online Resource

Search the Ohio Link Journal Index

Earth & Planetary Sciences
Environmental Sciences
Physics & Astronomy
Life Sciences

Other Cool Library Stuff!

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