#1 Natural Mystic: Is Patriarchy Our Natural Religion?

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Natural Mystic: Is Patriarchy Our Natural Religion?
The system of patriarchy is often a disturbing and flawed way to structure a society, and scientific writing can be skewed toward a masculinist perspective because of patriarchy's power. The power of one sex over the other can be attributed to the amount of respect major religions afford them. A history of female-centered religions predates Christianity and Islam, and with this comes speculation that matrifocal societies accompianied these religions. This leads us to our question: Which is more "natural", a patriarchal society, as we have now, or a matrifocal society? This will be presented in week seven, which includes the topic of "heirarchy". We have decided to use the term "matrifocal" because these societies do not emphasize heirarchies, therefore making "matriarchy" a inaccurate description. Patriarchy, on the other hand, is centered around heirarchy, and we wish to study the "naturalness", or biological soundness of this social system.

Our Study: To survey women who are members of patriarchal religions, to see how being female affects their sense of power within thier religion.

The Goal: To research and examine the connection between patriarchal religions and societies, and to prove that patriarchy's disrespect of women deflates them. Also, to research the possibility of matrifocal societies being a natural state for humans(or even human nature?), as this seems a proper remedy for the problems of patriarchy.


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