Draft 1 - The effect of landscape on streams and their behavior as corridors

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Our idea is to take samples of streams in different landscapes such as field, edge, and deep forest, and compare them to see if landscape has a significant effect on streams and their ability to serve as an effective corridor. We want to take samples of organisms such as aquatic insects, minnows and water striders, and perhaps look at microscopic organisms as well.

We also want to take a close look at other variables in the stream such as leaf input, shade, temperature, water speed, and depth. Some questions we hope to answer are does the amount of leaves that fall into a stream or the amount of shade cover have an effect on the organisms in the stream, and can we make any generalizations about the life in a stream based on depth, width, water speed, and/or landscape.

Among the methods of sampling we are considering are taking small samples every couple feet across the width of the stream for smaller organisms, and taking a visual survey of larger life such as minnow population and water striders. Chris even suggested that we find out what the EPA's standard stream sampling methods are, and perhaps see if we can find if they would be more effective if looked at from a landscape perspective. How about that, three first year Miami students overthrowing the EPA's standard methodology? Maybe that's a bit of wishful thinking.

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