Draft 1: Does room color effect one's desire to eat chocolate chip cookies???

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Question: Does room color effect one's desire to eat chocolate chip cookies??? (Yum, Yum)

Prediction: We speculate that as we change the color of a person's surroundings as they are presented with chocolate chip cookies, the amount of cookies eaten will vary.

Prelim. Research Design: We plan to make eight colored enclosed areas (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Black, White) and present the interviewee with 10 chocolate chip cookies. After 5 minutes alone in the colored enclosure, we will see how many cookies the subject has eaten. Most uncontrolled variables WILL be taken into account. The eight different colored areas will occur on seperate days. We will ask the subjects not to eat for 3 hours prior to the test.

5 References:
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