Draft 1 : Effects of nicotine and smoke from cigarettes on general health

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research question: How nicotine and smoke from cigarettes effects general health including heart rate and immune system.
We will take our sample from men and women ages 18-21 from the western campus in Mary Lyon (a smoking dorm) McKee and Peabody (non-smoking) dorms.
Preliminary research design: 10-15 men and women (1/2 each) from each dorm will participate. We will survey them on whether they are smokers or non-smoker, whether roommate smokes, how often sickness occured, how easily breath is lost, height, weight, and sex. In addition we will be taking a daily sample of heart rate per minute over a certain period of time.
hypothesis: We predict that cigarettes will cause increased heart rate, and a greater instance of illness for smokers as well as people subject to as much second-hand smoke, and as for non-smokers, they will experience normal heart rate according to general studies.

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