Draft 1:Testing The Biophilia Hypothesis? Do we really love or hate nature?

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Our group plans on studying the validity of the Biophilia Hypothesis proposed by E.O. Wilson in 1984. The Biophilia Hypothesis states that human beings possess an innate tendency to focus on life and life-like processes. In other words, it states that human being have a biological connection to nature . This includes biophilia, a love for nature, and biophobia, a revulsion for nature. An example of biophobia is people's innate fear of spiders and snakes, when they haven't even come into negative contact with them. In short, biophobia is the culturally acquired urge to affiliate with technology, human artifacts, and soley with human interests regarding the natural world. Biophilia, on the other hand, is the passionate love of life and all that is alive. Biophilia has been supported as to lead to faster recuperation rates among surgery recovery patients near windows with sights of trees. As we continually "modernize," is an innate human fascination with the complexity of life being suverted by a fascination with the complexity of technology? And, if so, are we breaking the bond that keeps us and other species alive?

Our group hopes to test examples of biophilia and biophobia in the Miami student population by a set of survey questions to see if how personal health, concern for our dying earth, or obsession with technology relates to the hypothesis.

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