Draft 1: The Miami Image and Self-Perception: Western vs. Main Campus

This topic submitted by Bethany Leeman, Maryjane Bellock, Katie Meredith, Kendra Baird, Laurie Stone (leemanbc@miamioh.edu) at 11:49 am on 9/9/00. Additions were last made on Wednesday, May 7, 2014. Section: Cummins

Question: Do the students at Miami feel that there is a Miami image? What is their self image on their own scale (1-10)? Is there a difference between the self perceptions of Western students vs Main Campus students?

Predictions: We predict that most students believe that there is a Miami image. We believe that Main Campus students have a lower self image than those on Western Campus. We also predict that males will have an overall higher self image than females.

Proposal: Surveys will be distributed including the following:
(1) rank the following pictures in beauty 1-10 (2) rank yourself in comparison to the extablished scale (3) define the Miami image in 3 words (4) do you believe you fit this image?
In addition we will ask them if they are from Western or Main Campus, male or female.

Expectations: We expect to find that Miami's overall self image closely correlates with social pressures that lead to problems (ie. eating disorders and depression).


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