Draft 1progression of soil erosion along creek bed

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Our project pertains to the rate of erosion along the creek bed and the affecting factors that either speed up or slow down the erosion. Some of the factors are soil type, rain fall, water flow (of the creek), climate, environmental surroundings (trees, vegetation or lack there of), and path of creek. We plan on observing these factors and the overall rate of erosion by planting steaks with lines marking the accumulation or loss of sediment at strategic points along the creek (at a turn, at a straight stretch, differing environmental surroundings). To measure the amount of sediment actually in the water we tentatively plan to use a water filter to determine the aforementioned amount of sediment. Using local weather services and measuring devices of the science center and of our own invention, we plan to take note of general wind, temperature, and precipitation measurements. This obviously will be a project that will require periodic observation and attention to a plethora of details.

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