Draft 2: Statistical Analysis of Cars Driven by Type

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To expand upon our previous posting, we first intend to discover what the most popular types of vehicles are in Oxford. We propose to take counts in various parking lots and streets around Oxford, on campus and off. The vehicles will be classified in the following ways: 2-door car, 4-door car, station wagon, minivan, conversion van, SUV, and truck. We realize that we may count some cars more than once, but we believe that by taking a very large sample we will eliminate any problems that may cause. Secondly, by evaluating the numbers of vehicles and deciding which type is most popular, we will attempt to explain what is most important to people driving cars in Oxford (i.e. Do they value space more than value? Do they buy SUVs with 4-wheel drive even though they might never see a dirt road? Is safety an issue?) We intend to do this by researching the different features of the most popular cars as related to the least popular.

1. Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine, April 2000, A Nation of Truckers by Ed Henry
This article discusses the popularity of trucks and SUVs. It describes new models of automobiles and states that now the majority of vehicles on the market are not cars.

2. American Metal Market, Dec. 6, 1999, Trucks the new family vehicle? By Al Wrigey
This article discusses the increase in the number of trucks and SUVs. It has useful information but is from the viewpoint of the steel industry.

3. Business Week, April 24, 2000, BUSINESSWEEK LIFESTYLE; Cars: Youth Cars; Number 3678; pg. 182 E12, Awesome Wheels for the Younger Set by Joann Muller
Four million new drivers are expected on the roads by the year 2010. All of the major car companies are trying to capitalize on this growing group. Among the strategies are appearing retro, nostalgic, or totally off the wall cars.

4. O'Dwyer's PR Services Report, May, 1999, Pg. 78, 1122 words, Green groups pounce on Ford Motor for super SUV; It's what the public wants, says Ford.

In an effort to pounce on the ever-growing SUV market, Ford introdces the largest ever- 19 foot-long Excursion. Although appealing to a large group of people, environmentalists think that it is not a sound vehicle. They want more of a focus on environmentally friendly cars.

5. New Statesman, Sept. 11, 1998, Cars Rule in the Rugged Cities by Andrew Stephen
Many Americans posess two peculiar traits. An assumption that the car you drive is an extension of your personality, and a uniformed authoritarianism that is always lurking in the country. There are many changes taking place in America's car culture. Americans no longer want a car simply to get them from A to B: they also want to make a statement. 95% of the US population will not drive onto anything but their driveway and a paved road but insist on purchasing SUV's for materialistic comfort.

6. Kiplinger's New Cars and Trucks, Annual, 1999, What's New For 1999 by Ed Henry
Many styles and types are favored by Americans. Convertibles, Sedans, Luxury, Suv's, Minivans, Trucks, various styles and types of cars, are examples of types. When Americans go to buy a car, they look at cargo space, head room, leg room, horsepower, fuel efficiency, comfort, design, resale value, acceleration, safety, best in class, and others.

7. Aftermarket Business, March 2000, Big wheels just keep on rolling... By John D. Battle
This article talks about the amazing growth in the sales of light trucks. It provides statistics demonstrating the growth and looks at the causes of this amazing increase in the number of light trucks, including economic boom.

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