Ghosts of Peabody

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Peabody Hall was built Sept 20, 1855. The hall burned to the ground in January of 1860 and was rebuilt in 1861. The hall burned agein in April of 1871, and again in 1912. -(Narka Nelson, Western College For Women)

Students report sightings of Helen Peabody in Peabody Hall. The spirit hates men- men have felt a presence of someone pshing them when looking out open windows and girls have reported motherly presences when they are sick. A girl commited suicide in room 210, and another student commited the same act in the same room several years later. -(Dave Juliano, The Shadowlands: Ghosts & Hauntings Monthly Newslater)

Supernaturalism, the antithesis of naturalism, includes belief in supernatural beings (gods, godesses, devils, fairies, trolls, ghosts, ect) and they're activities (life after death, communication between the dead and the living). Supernaturalism if the belief in superstition. It is the duty of supernaturalists, as is the duty of naturalists, to demonstate the exsistance of their beliefs. -(Steven D Schafersman, Dept of Geology, Miami University)

Ghosts have been a part of our society for thousands of years. Ghosts stories vary form age to age, but all are equally appealing. Are they true, or just a result of our fascination and fear of death? -(Bailey K Young "Appearances of the Dead and Cultural Transformaion" The Historian, Winter, 1999)

Ghosts can be seen, heard, or felt. Thousands of people report contact with the spirit world, but science requires proof. But the question is how? -(Daniel Cohen, Real Ghosts, 1992)

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