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1. Measuring Excessive Alcohol Use in College Drinking Context from Addictive Behaviors, volume 22. pg 469-477.
Summary: The article of current study of 197 college students who broke unversity drinking rules. In addition to measuring the excessive drinking development of psychological, interpersonal, situational context resulting in the 23 item Drinking Context Scale (DCS.) The article also tells us the three distinct factors of defining of convivial drinking, private initimate drinking, and drinking as of a form of negative coping.

2. Alcohol Consumption In Unversity Students: The Roles of Reasons for Drinking, Coping Strategies, Expectations, and Personality Traits from Addictive Behaviors, volume 23. pg. 371-378.
Summary: This article examines the societal pressures that influences binge drinking. Escape drinking was the sole predictor of binge drinking. However, it is that alcohol plays a significant role in drinking but doesn't at the same time.

3. Alcohol Outcome Expectancies and Coping Styles as Predictors of Alcohol Use in Young Adults from Addictive Behaviors, volume 23. pg. 17-22.
Summary: The articles depicts the female and male role of relationship with alcohol. Females become social and the expectancy of negative self-evaluation positively predicted the alcohol-use measures. Males however, are more riskier and agressive, in addtion to the impairment of cognitive thinkingand behavior.

4. Social Anxiety, Alcohol Expectancies, and Drinking-Game Participation from Addictive Behaviors, volume 23. pg. 65-79.
Summary: Drinking games contribution to the negative abuse of the consuming alcohol is uncertain. Tension reduction alcohol expectancies were examined as a potential moderator variable for the relationship between social anxiety and frequency of play. In addition to making the factor of alcohol abuse greater from game useage while consuming alcohol.

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