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Today I feel I did encounter the ghost of Helen Peabody.

And it's on film.

As a com. student I was doing a com 314 project with a classmate Ashly Graffy. We got several interviews from various ghost spotters and finally took some B-roll footage of the outside of the building. And that's when I have Mrs. Peabody on tape. In some of the interviews various people spoke about shaking windows so I zoomed in on a window on the second floor and that's where you can clearly see a transparent-type looking lady with a vary pale face. She has a black shaw like thing wrapped around her neck and she appears to be doing something with her hands. When we inspected the film further it definitely appears to be a cat that she is stroking. Is there any other encounters of actual spoters of the ghost or any sights of a cat? I've showed all my housemates and will show my class on tuesday. It will definitely give you chills. We've tried our best to rationalize it to being just a reflection of a tree and branches blowing around, but the images are just so clear and distinct that it's hard to think that. I'd really like to send it off possibily to one of those in-depth film analist places that could view the shaddows, lights and reflections better... because as for now I'm convinced that Mrs. Peabody was looking down on me from the second floor as I filmed the building. If someone has a genuine interest to see the footage I can be contacted at

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