solar flares and our weather: Draft 1

This topic submitted by Claire Holland-Moritz, Lauren Collier, Shanna Shaw, Brynnen Callahan, Liz Marconi (,,,, marconen@muohio) at 9:49 pm on 9/11/00. Additions were last made on Wednesday, May 7, 2014. Section: Cummins

We want to know how, if they do, do solar flares effect the earth's weather? We propose that it does effect the earth's weather. The higher the number of sunspots, the more server and speratic our weather will be. To answer our hypothosis we will view the sun spot cluster and measure their size, frequency, and location. We will also be keeping track of the weather to compare them. It will help us to look up work that others have done in their research of them and maybe understand why it does effect it. We will research for aproxipatly one month, once a day.

here are our articles so far:

1.) Wilson, Robert M. "A Comparison of Wolf's Reconstructed Record of Annual Sunspot Number with Schwabe's Observed Record of 'Clusters of Sports' for the Interval of 1826-1868." Solar Physics Vol: 182, Issue: 1, pp. September
1, 1998.

2.) Lui, Yang; Akioka, Maki; Yan, Yihua; and Ai, Guoxiang. "An analysis of photospheric vector magnetograms, Ha images and soft X-rays images in a superactive region NOAA 7321." Solar Physics Vol: 177, Issue: 1/2, pp. 395-410, January 1, 1998.

3.) Belvededere, G.; Lanza, A.F.; and Sokoloff, D. "A dynamo scenario for polar and whole-surface starspot generation." Solar Physics VOl: 183, Issue: 2, pp. 435-444, December 1, 1998.

4.) Cowen, Ron. "Model tracks storms from the sun." Science News; Washington: 24 Jun 2000.

5.) Cowen, Ron. "Are solar eruptions triggered a loopy way?" Science News; Washington: 15 Apr 2000.

6.) Beer, Jurg; Tobias, Steven and Weiss, Nigel. "An Active Sun Throughout the Maunder Minimum." Solar Physics Vol: 181, pp. 237-249, 1998.

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