Varying plant WEgrowing methods and conditions

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We have chosen to study three different methods, each with varied growing
conditions, for growing plants. The three methods are: organically(natural

fertilizers and compounds), using only chemical fertilizers(chemically based

fertilizers), and naturally(no fertilizers or speccial compounds added).Our

problem or question which we would like to know the answer

to is "Which method of growing and which conditions will give the best results?"

We chose this topic because we came to an agreement that this is a topic that

all of us are interested in and will be able to stay focused on. We plan to

gain a greater understanding with regards to plant growing and also the

reactions of the plants when exposed to different types of various stimulie.

This project is relevant in that we plan to discoveer, on our own, how plants

respond to extremes and the most productive way to successfully grow them.

At current date our plan is to harvest a certain type of vegetable so that at

the conclusion of our assignment we will be able to sample for taste quality.

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