An investigation into music effects on memorization and study skills

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Natural Systems 1 Fall, 2002 -Western Program-Miami University

To see the final version of our project go to this website-- An investigation into music effects on memorization and study skills. Enjoy!


We did this study to see how different genres of music (specifically instrumental jazz, pop, folk and rap) effect memorization and study skills in visual, reading/writing and mathematics tests. Background information and our previous experience with music gave us the following hypothesis Subjects tested with no music will absorb material quicker and will be able to recite it more effectively than those who are subjected to music.The general success of each genre (in all tests) will be in order from most successful to least successful: Silence, Jazz, Folk, Pop, Rap. We also hypothesized that Subjects listening to music with distinct words and/or story lines will be inhibited in the absorption of reading and writing material, whereas music with no words (Jazz) will not limit their studying in these categories. In order to further investigate outside conditions that might effect a test we analyzed responses through subject surveys.

Our subject population was too small for us to make definitive statements about the impact of specific genres of music in our tests. Individual variations in the results significantly altered our data, thus creating what might be inaccurate comparisons between tests.
The data we have collected, however, hints at correlations that might be sound in tests that would be performed by larger groups.

When analyzing the separate tests, corresponding p-values hinted at an insignificant difference between genres of music and memorization

However, when all tests were analyzed together, there were clear differences between performances of tests subjects under different genres of music. The most prominent was the success of the Jazz genre of music, this verifying our previous hypothesis.

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