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Natural Systems 1 Syllabus---Miami University

The hypothesis is clear and compares two specific ideas (approaching squirrels on Western versus main campus) and also makes a prediction. It does not follow the 'if, then...' format per say, however i do not know if this is completely necessary because it is implied. An alternative hypothesis is also given, but is a direct take of the proposed hypothesis (i.e. it regards an idea mentioned in the main hypothesis). Also, the alternative, while impliying so, does not make a direct comparison against something. The initial proposal, with respect to the alternative, could be cleaned up if repitition was reduced and the idea of crawling versus running was brought to attention in the alternative hypothesis.

The introduction is broken up by the hypothesis. While this works for your experiment, I am not sure if this is "allowed." I do like, however, the intro is subtitled and thus, one can easily detect therelevance of each section of the intro to the experiment.

The metods section of this proposal is skimp. While it gives a general idea of how the experiment(s) will be carried out, not much detail is given and no direct consideration is given to the sample in the methods section. Also significant, is the lack of attention given to the replicates. The data sheet is minimal, but chieves its purpose.

I did not fina a results section.

I like how you propose to do a replication of the experiment and then compare the class results to your actuall experimental results. For this to work adequate attention must be given to the process of the eperiment and the hypotheis, as claimed, must remain the same, however a survey caould be taken of how studentds feel the squirells will react. Basically, gaps need to be clossed. Ideas of the squirels reactions need to be catagoized, or a mutliple response question should begiven out, to, say, keep me from predicting an outlandish reult likee, 'when the squirel sees me coming it will run into my arms and hug me'.

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