Environmental Education for Elementary and High School Students

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Natural Systems 1 Syllabus---Western Program---Miami University

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This study uses an interdisciplinary approach to Environmental Education, and covers a wide array of environmental topics. We are interacting with four classes, two from Talawanda High School and two from Kramer Elementary School in Oxford, OH. We have three teaching sessions for each group, with each teaching session utilizing different teaching methods. Our research question is: How will different styles of Environmental Education influence the interest and learning of different student audiences? Our hypothesis is that elementary students will react more positively to hands-on activities because they will be able to get actively involved in learning about Nature. High school students will react more positively to the video and discussion section because they will be able to critically think and express their ideas in a peer setting.

We will gague the effectiveness of each teaching method qualitatively through the extensive use of surveys. There are three types of surveys in our study: survey for the research group, survey for the teachers, and a survey for the students. After each teaching session the high school students will take a survey, but after each elementary school session, the students will verbally express their feelings towards the teaching approach. We will use this data to recommend positive, effective ways for teaching Environmental Education

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