Acid Song

This Progress Report was submitted by Dave Clark [] on 11/18/98.

The Ballad of Acid Rain

Getting acid on my hands,
Drinking beer to get the cans.
Coming in every day was a bitch,
While at the creek I fell in a ditch.

Checking rocks every day,
Checking rocks every day.

I sniffed some fumes,
Now my brain is fried.
Andy sniffed too, but he cried.
The HCL is very strong,
To burn your skin it won't take long.

Acid burning in my eye,
Acid burning in my eye.

Who put the damn bean in pH three,
Now its moldy and smells like pee.
The projects taking way too long,
For all we know we did it wrong.

(Repeat first chorus)

Hayes and Green are really big fans,
They really admired the Icehouse cans.
Thank the Lord our lab is done,
Playing with acid was so much fun.

(Repeat second chorus)

Decomposition in the cans,
Decomposition in the cans.

Music and lyrics by Dave Clark & Andy Jameson

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