Bat Group (Wankel) 11-14-98

This Progress Report submitted by Jon, Ben, Matt , Neal, Rick[] on 11/17/98.

The standing is as follows. The four bat houses still no not harbor any bats. If nothing else, they were not there at times when they should be, if they were inhabiting the house. In order to prepare for a shartage of data, the group has found one particularly helpful book in explaining what could be improved in further research into this topic. The book, In Ohio's Backyard: Bats by Jacqueline J. Belwood gives in depth discission on the bats in Ohio. This book is very new, in print and in acquisition by the library so the material will be the latest available. The group also plans to further research on possible reasons for the gathered data this friday, 11-20-98. This should give us a chance to interpret data to date thoroughly.
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