Litter in Oxford Area

This Progress Report submitted by Katie, Sarah, Tim, Devin, Christina[] on 12/11/98.

Ok, the saga is now slowly winding down. We didn't update you last week so we could do the whole conclusion now. I'm sorry to our disappointed, devoted readers. But here's what happened. We weighed all our trash by lbs. instead of by ounces because of the lack of means. What we found was that there really isn't enough of a problem to make a big deal out it to the city. And they're probably sick of hearing kids write them about the same stuff anyhow. I know what you are thinking: You just found that cause you don't want to have to follow through with writing them and drag this out. Wrong. I, in fact, enjoy public relations and wouldn't mind at all getting involved with the city's business. It won't be from a trash standpoint though. We can't really do a campain to address the trash we did find, cause it's not the city's problem as much as just lazy, drunk college students. And let's be honest, we're not going to change their whole outlook with a phamphlet. That would be nice, but it's lame. Aside from taking personal responsibility for the areas, we can't do much else. So what good came from all of this? Just the process of going through it all. It was such a large undertaking, time responsibility, group effort and collaboration. We learned more just trying to get through and organizing this lab than about the actual subject we studied. I never thought I could of completed a project like this with such throughness and critical thinking. But we broke it down into parts and it all came together. It's a skill applicable to every part of life. Tackleing what seems to be the impossible, then turning it into a 10 to 20 page report. Have a great break everyone. Peace.

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