Litter in the Oxford Community (Olivia 2:00) (9/29/98 )

This Progress Report submitted by Sarah, Katie, Tim, Devon, Christina[] on 11/23/98.

Our project group has completed the initial part of our project--we have collected litter for four straight weeks, twice a week, in four areas of the Oxford community. Yay!! No more trash collecting. Now our group gets down to the nitty-gritty of measuring the trash collected for each week. We plan to weigh the trash, as stated in the proposal, by separating it into categories such as plastic, paper, etc., and allowing it to dry (some of the trash was wet when collected due to recent rainfall). We will then put the separated trash into bags, and weigh it on scales, and subtract from the total weight the weight of the bag to give us an exact measurement of the amount of trash collected. We then expect to analyze our data and determine whether or not there is a significant litter problem in the Oxford community.
We have also held our in-class lab, which was a brainstorming session among our peers and a discussion of possible solutions to the litter problem. The discussion was very helpful and we plan to include the ideas discussed in a proposal to the Oxford City Council (if necessary, that is, if litter proves to be a problem).

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