Smokey Situation

This Progress Report submitted by Kelly Omalley, Rebecca Gale Jessup Gage[] on 10/12/98.

Kelly O’Malley
Rebecca Gale
Jessup Gage
Progress Report October 8, 1998

Our group has come to the conclusion that we are going to purchase bean sprouts that have already started to grow. This way it allows us to get a better measurement of the stems and expose the plants to smoke after the seeds have been germinated. We also decided on a more accurate form of measurement in that we are going to measure the plant form the tip of the jar to the highest part of the stem. In the event that a stem does not grow straight, we will use a piece of string to obtain an exact measurement.
We presented out topic to the class and outlined their participation in the project. They seemed to understand the concept and willing to take part. We received positive feedback and helpful suggestions. As of now, the smoky situation is right on track.

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